What is this????

It’s a build log of sorts.  I like to build stuff, interesting things and very ordinary things, some very elaborate and others to just use around the house.  One thing seems to be consistent, I don’t make it out to the studio (that’s the garage out back) until around midnight, where I might spend a few minutes or a few hours working on the current project.

In the past, I would send a build email to various friends when I completed a project, but over the years, some have asked for a more permanent location to these logs, and so MidnightStudio was created.  I’m not a machinist, or even skilled in any building techniques, heck, I’m a software guy.  These logs will only illustrate one way to solve a problem, the one I picked.  Most likely, it’s not the best way to build it, hopefully it’s not the worst, but I’ll document those as well (there have been many).

I hope you find something useful, if not entertaining, here.


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